New Taipei City Social Welfare Cup

Watch Online New Taipei City Social Welfare Cup

On March 14th, 2021, New Taipei City (Taiwan) will host a competition among combi couples and dance teams. The Taiwan domestic competition will be held in different categories: Combi Latin 5 Dances, Combi Latin 3 Dances, Duo Latin 5 dances, Under 12 Combi Latin 2 Dances, Under 18 Combi Latin 5 Dances, Combi Standard 5 Dances, Combi Standard 3 Dances, Single man, Single woman.

The competition will feature not only local dancers, but also groups from Korea and the Philippines who will compete in Combi Group Freestyle and Non-wheelchair user Group freestyle categories.


You can watch the event live on the official Youtube channel


10h45m AM  - 5PM  (In Taiwan Time) GMT-8