Open Inclusive Dance Festival

Inclusive Dance project celebrated its anniversary

The Inclusive Dance project in Russia celebrated its 10th anniversary.
The gala concert was held on October 31 on the stage of the most popular concert venue - Crocus City Hall.

The X Inclusive Dance Gala Concert is a theatrical performance about the power and values of dance. The main roles were played by Alexei Lyubimov, Honored Artist, and 9-year-old Anna Blokhina, dancing in a wheelchair. The heroes set off on a journey to collect the jewels of dance, find meanings and gain the power to realize their dreams.

The global idea of the gala concert is an appeal to a person. We understand that dance is the environment that allows us to feel both as a person and as a professional, and then with this we go into our ordinary everyday life, we become better.

The best inclusive dance groups performed on the stage. The performances were evaluated by an expert jury from 17 countries.