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Wheelchair dance: history, theory, practice

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A new learning course will be held in April and May 2021.

Online courses in Inclusive Dance University – this is an opportunity to learn from the experience of leading experts in the field of inclusive dance and socio-cultural animation. 


Corrie van Hugten (Netherlands)

Wheelchair dance: history, theory, practice

Online course program (16 hours)

This course includes theoretical and practical online classes (webinars) on the Zoom platform.

Webinars topics:

  1. The role of wheelchair dance in the rehabilitation of a person with a disability
  2. Dance wheelchair and sports dance
  3. Features of motor rehabilitation and communication with people with disabilities
  4. Basic principles of wheelchair dancing
  5. The technique of dance movement on a wheelchair
  6. Basics of wheelchair combi dance
  7. Basic exercises of the wheelchair combi dance
  8. Training of wheelchair dance coaches

Duration of one webinar: 90 minutes

When: April-May 2021. The course starts on April 15.

Course participants receive:

  1. Detailed theoretical base and ready-made practical exercises.
  2. The ability to ask questions to experts, offer your cases for analysis during webinar in Zoom.
  3. A recording of each webinar will be available until the end of the course. At any convenient time, you can repeat the material you have completed or study it yourself if you missed an online meeting.
  4. Electronic certificate of completion of the course 
The cost of this course – 100 Euro*

- 20% discount for pre-registration, valid until March 31, 2021.
You pay – 100 Euro 80 Euro*

*All funds go to charity programs for inclusive dance

If you miss lessons, you can watch records of the webinars.

The main language of lectures is English.

When registering, you can specify the desired language - Spanish. In case of high demand, simultaneous translation into Spanish will be arranged.

The author and coach of the course:

Corrie van Hugten (Netherlands)


Member of the Presidium of the World Inclusive Dance Association (WIDA), the first woman to dance in a wheelchair with professional dancers, president of the International Wheelchair Dance Foundation, ambassador of wheelchair dancing around the world (Netherlands).

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