Open Inclusive Dance Festival

Open Inclusive Dance Festival brings together inclusive dancers from 10 countries

On April 24th and 25th, 2021, inclusive dancers from Russia, Estonia, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Austria, Georgia, Malta, Poland, the Netherlands, and Italy took part in the Open Inclusive Dance Festival!

On April 24th, the festival opened with a modern dance workshop which was conducted by Ketevan Zazanashvili, a dancer, choreographer, coach, president of the Wheelchair Sports Dance Federation in Georgia and founder of the Tbilisi Inclusive Dance Troupe.

The program was continued by online competitions in sports ballroom dance and dance improvisation - 21 couples and 25 single dancers with disabilities, a six-hour marathon of music and dance live!

On April 25th, a modern dance workshop for the participants of the Festival was held by Hana Zanin Pauknerova (Austria) - ballerina, choreographer, coach, chairman of the Association of Culture and Education for People with Disabilities and without them "Ich bin O. K.", expert of the International Charity Dance Festival Inclusive Dance.

On this day, competitions were held in the discipline of show dance. The jury and the audience watched 52 dance performances by inclusive teams and 11 single dance performances (293 participants).

Both days of the Festival were broadcast on the World Inclusive Dance Association website.

The dancers ' skills were evaluated by an experienced international jury.

Chairman of the jury:

Ray Bulpitt (Great Britain) - Member of the Presidium  World Inclusive Dance Association, fellow, Examiner & Life Member of the United Kingdom Alliance, founder and president of Inclusive Dance UK, teacher, choreographer and international judge


Iwona Ciok (Poland) - Professional teacher, from 1980 to 1996 she was engaged in ballroom dancing, holds the title of vice-champion of Poland in sports ballroom dancing. The head of the Swing Dance School and the Swing Duet Association (a dance club for people with disabilities). One of the first to develop inclusive dance in Poland.

Edo Pampuro (Italy) - Dance teacher, national and international judge. Since 1992, he has been teaching classes for children with mental and mental disorders. He also works with visually impaired people and wheelchair dancers who participate in Paralympic dance competitions.

Alex Glijn (Netherlands) - Certified wheelchair dance instructors, 11-time Dutch wheelchair dance champions, 3-time WDC (World Dance Council) world champions, founders of the Dutch Inclusive Dance Association

Jacqueline Glijn (Netherlands) - Certified wheelchair dance instructors, 11-time Dutch wheelchair dance champions, 3-time WDC (World Dance Council) world champions, founders of the Dutch Inclusive Dance Association. Jacqueline was honored by the king as a member of the medal of The House of Orange-Nassau in recognition of her commitment to sports and disability in general

Natalia Golovkina (Russia) - Teacher-choreographer and ballet master, chief choreographer of the International Festival "Inclusive Dance", holder of the Order "For Contribution to Culture"

Leonid Tarasov (Russia) - Member of the Presidium World Inclusive Dance Association, Ph.D. in Pedagogy, chairman of the Organizing committee of the International Inclusive Dance Festival, head of the center for socio-cultural animation "Oduhotvorenie" (Moscow, Russia)

Ivana Martakova Blaťakova (Czech Republic) - Art Director of White Dove (Bílá holubice), Creative Director of SANDiVA (production agency), independent producer and production manager.

We thank all the members of the jury for their work!

Chairman of the Counting Commission:

Inna Tarasova (Russia) - President of the Charity foundation "Inclusive Dance", the main organizer of the International Charity Dance Festival "Inclusive Dance". Always Clear and fast work. You are the best!

Host of the competition:

Corrie van Hagten (Netherlands) - President of the International Wheelchair Dance Foundation, one of the founders of the "Sports Ballroom Wheelchair Dance" direction, member of the Presidium of the World Association of Inclusive Dance (WIDA), ambassador of wheelchair dance around the world. You are not imitable, thank you very much!

Many thanks to the entire team of the organizing committee for their well-coordinated work!

Festival organizer – World Inclusive Dance Association.


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