Inclusive Dance festival held in Bratislava and Vienna

Inclusive Dance festival held in Bratislava and Vienna!

On June 17-19, 2016, the Inclusive Dance Festival organized by the World Inclusive Dance Association was held in Bratislava and Vienna.

The events were attended by inclusive dancers and experts from Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Russia and other countries.

From Russia, three groups participated: Oduhotvorenie (Moscow), Reflection (Miass), Solnyshki (Upper Saby, Tatarstan), from Belarus participated "Magic girls". On June 17, master classes on inclusive dance were held in Bratislava in the dance club "Danube" under the leadership of Lubomir Kovachov, Igor Yagersky and Stefan Tvorozhek, as well as a meeting of the Presidium of the World Association of Inclusive Dance.

On June 18, master classes for people with special needs and dancing volunteers were held, as well as a Round table on the development of inclusive dance in the world. Among the experts were Corrie van Hugten (Netherlands), Ray Bulpitt and Peter Elliot (Great Britain), Oksana Egonyan (Hungary), Leonid Tarasov (Russia).

The events ended on June 19 with team competitions in inclusive dance and a gala concert of the festival winners.