Inclusive Dance University

Inclusive Dance University

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In February 2021, a learning program of inclusive dance for specialists in the socio-cultural sphere is starting.

Online courses in Inclusive Dance University – this is an opportunity to learn from the experience of leading experts in the field of inclusive dance and socio-cultural animation. 

The Association accepts new members!

The WIDA accepts new members!

During December World Inclusive Dance Association has accepted new members: Genice Marquez (Philippines), Ivana Martakova (Czech Republic), Iwona Ciok (Poland), Maria Melnikova (Indonesia), Anna Gorchakova (Belarus), Rita Ternos (Estonia), Maria Del Carmen Legaspi  Torres (Mexico), Yelena Feitliher (Israel), Ketevan Zazanashvili (Georgia), Hana Zanin Pauknerova (Austria), Attila Zanin (Austria), Laurence Ricordeau (France), Natalia Golovkina (Russia), Alexander Shablovsky (Belarus).

Inclusive Dance World Vision

Inclusive Dance World Vision

The Grand celebration of inclusive dance on December 1, 2020 has already won the hearts of many viewers around the world. The first unique show of Inclusive Dance World Vision was held thanks to each of us!

VIII International Inclusive Dance Festival

VIII International Inclusive Dance Festival in ONLINE!

In 2020 The organizing committee of the Festival "Inclusive Dance" decided not to cancel the annual program during the restrictive measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but to completely transform the events into online format.

The structure of all days was preserved as much as possible and it was filled with communication, music and dance, so all participants of the festival felt the holiday atmosphere inherent in the traditional face-to-face format of festival.
Inclusive Dance invites you to Suzdal

Inclusive Dance invites you to Suzdal!

In January 13-20, 2021, the Winter inclusive dance camp and Inclusive dance festival "Perekrestki" will be held in the Russian city of Suzdal. As part of the Winter camp of inclusive dance, there will be dance lessons, consultations and individual analysis of inclusive choreography with Russian experts, as well as creative master classes.

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